Services Offered

Do you suffer from pain? Do you have headaches, sleeping problems or allergies?

Some people wait for pain to interfere with their lives, others want to be as healthy as possible. Whether it is for relief or for reaching and maintaining optimum health, we are here to serve you.


The purpose of the consultation with Dr. Fuzer or Dr. Cecchini is to discuss your reason for coming to the office and your health goals.  During a brief conversation you will be asked a few questions.  If they feel your case can be helped by Chiropractic, you will move along to the examination.  If not they can refer you to the proper healthcare provider.


A complete and thorough examination will be performed.  It may include Orthopedic, Neurological, Chiropractic and, if necessary, x-ray evaluations.


The exam will test your ability to bend and move through their expected range of motions. The hands-on treatments are oriented towards removing pressure on the bones, joints and muscles. Ensuring that the body can return to normal and healthy function.


After an initial interview to determine what problems you are having, Dr. Fuzer will perform a thorough evaluation and all areas relevant to your condition. The test includes balance, coordination, imaging and other procedures to evaluate the stability of your spine and extremities.

Report of Findings

We will review the results of your exam findings with you and answering any questions you may have at this time.

Based on our findings, we will make treatment recommendations and then proceed with your first adjustment and other therapy procedures depending on your case.

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